Solomon Islands MP: There Is No Loyalty To Political Parties In Parliament

Democratic Alliance Party leaders Hou laments 'infighting'

By Charles Kadamana

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, Nov. 29, 2016) – Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) Parliamentary Wing Leader Rick Hou says there is no loyalty to political parties.

He made the statement in reference to the current political infighting when he delivered his speech during a fundraising event on Saturday night.

“As you all see and note from the current political infighting this is yet a further revelation that this practice continues to undermine stability in this country.

“There is no loyalty to political parties: people continue to pursue selfish personal interests, and unfortunately they do so through affiliating with political parties and other loose groupings in Parliament,” he said.

Mr Hou said DAP opposed this kind of conducts in its entirety and will not entertain such a leadership in their political system.

He said that standard they uphold is they take great pride in upholding the ideals of good governance, transparency, accountability and strong ethical leadership at all levels of government.

He said DAP also strives to ensure that there is equitable development across the country.

“We are a party that is very mindful about the integrity, stability and solidarity and as you may appreciate DAP has done exceptionally well in keeping, upholding and advocating its principles, he told the guests and the party members.

Mr Hou highlights that the version of DAP is to ensure that all Solomon Islanders enjoy high standard of living, enjoy equal opportunities, enjoy vibrant communication and that Solomon Islands plays an important role regionally and globally.

DAP first contested in the national general election in 2014 in which 24 of its candidates were contested and out of the total candidates 14 were successfully voted into the parliament.

Mr Hou said in terms of Political Party Integrity Act 2013 they would have led the formation of the government if not for the strength and usual political manoeuvring of independent members of parliament during the election of the Prime Minister.

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