Car Crusher Arrives In Cook Islands To Deal With Old Wrecks Around Rarotonga

Estimated 1,000 non-working vehicles to be crushed, separated, shipped off-island

By Richard Moore 

RAROTONGA, Cook Islands (Cook Islands News, Dec. 14, 2016) – Cleaning up old car wrecks around Rarotonga has begun in earnest with the arrival of a car crushing unit on the island.

The machine has already crunched, folded and compacted about a dozen old vehicles that had been lying around the Cook Islands General Transport depot.

The company bought the quarter of a million dollar crusher to help deal with the more than 1000 car wrecks dotted around the island.

General Transport’s Jessie Sword said the baler was expected to comfortably deal with about 20 cars a day.

Once they had been crushed, they were cleansed and then packed into a container for shipment to a company that would separate the different metals before they were sent to smelters in either China or Europe.

She said bringing the baler to Rarotonga had taken months of work and involved a lot of people. Sword said there had been support from the government, while Te Ipukarea Society and the National Environment Service had created public awareness of the island’s car-wreck problem.

If people want to have old vehicles crushed they can have them collected and taken off their hands for $350, or bring it to the depot themselves for $250. That price depends upon the size of the vehicle.

Sword said: “We will start receiving vehicles next week … this week is to tidy up our yard.”

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