Fiji Council Of Churches Wants To Work More Closely With Government

Critical issues that affect communities, nation as a whole to FCC agenda

By Nicollete Chambers

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Sun, Dec. 28, 2016) – The Fiji Council of Churches (FCC) wants to work more closely with the Government in addressing critical issues of concern that affect communities and the nation as a whole.

Speaking to the Fiji Sun yesterday, FCC general-secretary, Reverend Simione Tugi asked the Government to include church leaders in workshops that dealt with topics that address issues of concern.

He associated these issues with climate change and sexual abuse of women, girls and children.

Reverend Tugi said those that preached from the pulpits every week needed to be well versed with the subject.

“If the Government hold workshops on these topics and invite leaders of all denominations, then their flock will have a much better understanding about these issues,” he said.

“Our role is to support the Government in any way that will help the nation. This way, the churches will be helping Government spread the word,” Reverend Tugi said.

He said the Council was looking at establishing a partnership with the Government to train their pastors or church ministers because there were a lot of issues of concern they needed to be educated on.

Once well versed with these subjects, Reverend Tugi said than only can the church leaders narrate to the people through their sermons.

He said all these issues were Biblical, and church leaders needed to be well versed about the subjects before they preached about it.

Reverend Tugi said the voice of these pastors should be recognised in the spiritual context.

He added that these messages would be delivered faster to majority of the Fijian population, as the Council has nine denominations who are members, with around 395,000 faithful members.

The nine denominations includes the Methodist Church in Fiji and Rotuma, Roman Catholic Church, Anglican Church, Congregational Christian Church of Samoa, St Mark Coptic Orthodox Church, Fiji Baptist Convention, Fiji Community Churches of Christ, Salvation Army and St Andrews Presbyterian Church.

The Fiji Council of Churches was founded in 1963 and its present president is the head of the Methodist Church in Fiji, Reverend TevitaBainivanua.

Edited by Caroline Ratucadra

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We find it very strange this council did not voice concern or condemn the movie Mary Magdalene. The movie is riddle with lies and deception and ridicule, viewers came away disappointed because scene expected according to scriptures is just the opposite In other words, christians are being swindle and misled, you kept quiet!!??, yet you guys want to included in government workshop, ridiculous It's amazing not one church elders or pastor question, condemn to warn fellow christian about this movie. except one Kelepi Lesi article in Fiji Sun letter to editor on 28/3 who is brave enough to condemn and warn us about it We expect this council to inform us and provide guidance against movies that harm the faith Can we have your comments please, better still publish it in the media. to counter and correct the inconsistency created Vinaka valevu Sofaia Matuku Lau

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