Price Of Market Vegetables Increases After Flooding Hits Fiji

Fertile Sigatoke Valley took brunt of storm impacts

By Repeka Nasiko

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, Dec. 30, 2016) – Vendors at the Lautoka market are starting to feel the impact of last week's floods.

The deluge affected most farms in the Sigatoka Valley.

Yasmin Nisha, a market vendor for 25 years, said vegetable prices increased over the past few days.

"We are buying sacks of Chinese cabbage for $50 [US$23] and more," she said.

"Most of our supply is from Sigatoka and we found that the prices have really increased.

"Because of the high prices we've increased our own prices at the market.

"A bundle of Chinese cabbage is sold at $4 [US$1.87] or $5 [US$2.34].

"We need to increase our prices because we have to make a profit."

Also feeling the brunt of last week's heavy downpour was vendor Sanjay Kumar.

Mr Kumar said vendors were now turning to other suppliers.

"We usually get our supply from Sigatoka, but because most of the farmers are not giving much and some of their prices are too expensive people are getting their supply from other places," he said.

"I got my supply for today from Ba."

He said prices of vegetables such as long bean, cabbages, lettuce, carrots and cucumber had increased.

Meanwhile, Nabaka Holding Co-operative Society Ltd in Navosa treasurer Saten Dass said farmers had been salvaging what they could over the past few days.

"Most of the crops that were damaged have been destroyed and now we are trying to replant everything," he said.

"There is not much we can do but to start over."

[PIR editor's note: On Dec. 29, 2016 RNZI reported that 'Fiji's electricity supply has been fully restored around the main island Viti Levu following floods caused by Tropical Depression 04F.']

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