Recent Fiji Flooding Worst Ever To Hit Ra

Affected farmers patiently waiting for government assistance

By Felix Chaudhary

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, Jan. 3, 2017) – Flooding associated with tropical depression 04F was the biggest ever experienced in Ra, says Barotu Valley Farmers Association president Ashok Kumar.

He said torrential rainfall resulted in crops being washed away and landslides at farms in Barotu, on the outskirts of Rakiraki Town.

Mr Kumar said all 23 members of his organisation had been affected by the recent disaster.

"The Agriculture Ministry has conducted a survey of our area and we are patiently waiting for what sort of assistance they can provide to help us get our farms back up and our business operating," he said.

Mr Kumar said the members of his association conducted sugarcane and cash crop farming.

"We all plant cash crops like okra and eggplant for export to New Zealand and we also plant sugar cane.

"The cash crops provide for our daily needs and the cane is our long-term crop because of the way the payment system is so spread out."

Mr Kumar said in the 50 years he had been living in Barotu, he had never seen floodwaters so high and so destructive.

"The last big flood we had in Barotu was in 2004, but this one was definitely bigger than that."

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