500 Homeless In PNG's Eastern Highlands Province After Flooding

Animals, food gardens washed away; one person still missing

By Pearson Kolo

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Jan. 5, 2017) – More than 500 people are homeless and many domestic animals and food gardens have been washed away by a huge flood in a remote village in the Eastern Highlands Province.

It happened during the early hours of Tuesday night after continuous rain.

The flood also swept away three people but two were found yesterday with one still missing.

With the flood was a landslip in the Dunantina local level government in the Henganofi district, taking the people off guard.

The landslip blocked the huge Dunantina River at its source in the mountains of Kesivaka, which busted and completely washed away 25 family homes that were situated at the foot of the mountain.

Another 15 family houses, two poultry houses with 200 chickens and 12 domestic pigs were also washed away at Kepri village near Kesivaka.

The Yanofi and Titona villages reported 13 houses washed away and the Dunantina road was closed by more than six landslips and two bridges destroyed.

The three people, an elderly man and a woman and a boy around the age of nine years, where sleeping inside their house in Kesivaka village when they were washed away by the flood.

According to community leader John Numoni, a search party was dispatched early on Tuesday morning who found the woman and the boy on the opposite side of the flooded river.

The elderly man is still missing

Henganofi district deputy administrator Richard Sipik and other officers were in the disaster site on Tuesday and yesterday assessing the damages.

Local Robert Atiyafa started mobilising the district engineering division yesterday to clear the landslip along the Dunantina road.

The people have called on the Government to assist them.

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