New Proposed Fiji Opposition Party To Split Vote: SODELPA Leader

Joint co-ordinators of HOPE party proposal say Rabuka's comments make no sense

By Nasik Swami

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, ) – The new proposed political party HOPE is splitting the rest of the Opposition block, says Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA) leader, Sitiveni Rabuka.

Mr Rabuka said the proposed party could have an impact in terms of getting enough numbers come the 2018 general election.

"It is just splitting the rest of the Opposition block and diminishing our hope of getting enough numbers to effect the change," he said.

Mr Rabuka said SODELPA was open to the joint co-ordinators of the proposed party — Mick Beddoes and Peter Waqavonovono — for discussions.

"Yes, they are part of the open arms approach that we are taking, they are welcome to come and talk with us."

Mr Beddoes said Mr Rabuka's comments did not make sense.

"There are already six Opposition parties registered, so suggesting our proposed HOPE is splitting the Opposition is nonsense," he said.

Mr Beddoes said it was expected of "disgruntled" SODELPA members to move to the proposed party following its successful registration.

"But this will not be a significant number because my last check of SODELPA's financial membership showed it stood at about 375 members and about 250 of these members were registered at the last disputed AGM.

"I am not sure how much it has increased by, but yes, we do have unhappy SODELPA members who will be joining us once we are registered," he claimed.

Mr Beddoes said the proposed party's main focus was to attract dissatisfied supporters from other political parties to its ranks.

"Given that they did not vote for any of the existing registered opposition parties in 2014, something new and refreshing like our proposed HOPE, with a youthful and dynamic leadership, provides them with a solid alternative to consider.

"We are not part of Mr Rabuka's open arms approach, our ongoing discussions with other political parties have nothing to do with this approach."

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I as the party of sodelpa in fiji, writting this comments because, i want to know my religion that i was being broght up to my parents n grand parents. [e.g nai tovo vaka viti] most of this things has not beings seen to some of the i-taukei people. so my advise that we should choose a party to bring back wat has gone to our fijian society. soo in this election 2018 ill choose my party as sodelpa.....choose wat u will benefit in ur future.

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