PNG Power Cuts Electricity Supply To Government Building For Overdue Bills

National government owes more than $300,000

By Malum Nalu

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, Jan. 10, 2017) – PNG Power Limited has disconnected the electricity supply to the Central Government Building in Waigani because of arrears totalling nearly K1 million [US$314,000].

Personnel Management department Secretary John Kali confirmed this yesterday and said a generator was currently being used to supply power to the building. Some companies have donated diesel to keep it running.

“Power supply may have been cut off because of non-payment of bills but we have found an alternative way to keep the office functioning,” Kali told The National.

“It’s typical Government departments. We’ve had some problems with cash flow.

“We’ve spoken to PNG Power and we’re working on paying their bills incrementally, depending on our cash flow.

“In the meantime, we’re seeking help from the private sector. We have a genset. Some of the companies have made contributions of drums of diesel.”

Kali said the amount owned was “just below a million (kina)”.

“It’s for all the Government departments (housed there). Some of it is owed by the contractor working on the building,” he said.

“Some of it is owed by Foreign Affairs.

“Some of it is owed by Immigration.

“Some of it is owed by Community-Based Justice and some of it by the Department of Personnel Management.

“The total owing is about K900,000 [US$283,000].”

Kali said discussions had already been held with PNG Power on how to settle the bill.

“Finance and Treasury are working on paying the bill,” he said.

“While we are waiting for that, we are also looking at smarter ways of running business here.”

A PNG Power statement dated Dec 11, 2016 however showed that electricity bills for the building, which was opened only last March, totaled K1.246 million [US$392,000].

According to the breakdown, Immigration owes K110,805.74 (22.2 per cent), Department of Personnel Management K255,476.94 (23.54 per cent), Department of Foreign Affairs K277,942.41 (25.61 per cent), Department of Agriculture and Livestock K237,569.67 (21.89 per cent), Community-Based Justice K19,615.61 (3.93 per cent), Central Land Ltd management office K10,527.30 (0.97 per cent), CLL Canteen K20,186.37 (1.86 per cent), and CLL Project (Nov 2015-April 2016) K314,624.30.

All the amounts add up to K1,246,748.34.

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