PNG's Highlands Highway Closed To To Land Slips Near Daulo Pass

Road linking Goroka, Chimbu and Mt Hagen entirely blocked

By Kevin Teme – Post Courier Live

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Jan. 9, 2017) – The main road linking Goroka, Chimbu and Mt Hagen has been cut off due to a land slip at Daulo Pass, entirely blocking off the Highlands Highway.

This was confirmed by one of the travelling public who had to stop in Chimbu before making a phone call Post-Courier Live.

John Passingan who is the current president of Mt Hagen Urban Basketball Association said from that the highway has now been cut off due to the two landslips at the two respective locations in Goroka and in Chimbu.

Mr Passingan said the people were crossing over the landslip and exchanging public motor vehicles while locals on the affected areas are also using that opportunity to make money by charging travelers for helping them to carry their luggage over the blocked road.

“Yes, currently the locals here are charging us depending on the number of loads they carry,” Mr Passingan said.

Mr Passingan who is also a parent and a concerned community leader has called on the government to quickly step in to help clear the landslide.

[PIR editor's note: On Jan. 9, 2017 PNG Post-Courier reported on another massive landslide. 'A total of 16,000 people have been affected following a massive landslide at Nawaeb District of Morobe Province. ... Reports received said 500 people lost their food gardens, cash crops and homes in Sipi village of the Wain-Erap Local Level Government council area.']

“It is important the government must quickly step in and fix the road because many of our children will be traveling by bus to their respective schools. Some of us don’t have enough money to fly our children and buses are the only means for them to attend tertiary institutions like Divine Word University in Madang, Lae’s Unitech and University of Goroka,” he said.

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