Tahiti Pro-Independence Leaders Gaining Support For French Presidential Run

Oscar Temaru secures 50 backers in New Caledonia in quest for 900 signatures

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Jan. 16, 2017) – French Polynesia's pro-independence leader Oscar Temaru says he has secured a further 50 backers in New Caledonia in his quest to run for the French presidency.

Last year, Mr Temaru announced his candidacy, saying his aim was to win most votes in Tahiti but not in mainland France.

To be eligible, a candidate must have at least 500 signatures of the potentially 47,000 parliamentarians, assembly members and mayors across France and its dependencies.

The president of New Caledonia's northern province Paul Neaoutyne has visited Tahiti and confirmed the 50 backers, giving Mr Temaru reportedly 900 signatures.

However, the support has to be from 30 different departments or territories but Mr Temaru's support is from 17.

According to the public broadcaster, he will travel to France and the French Antilles in the coming days in his bid to secure the support needed for the candidacy.

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