Japan International Cooperation Agency To Fund Wind Power System In Tonga

Grid stabilization system to 'diversify Tongatapu's power supply sources'

NUKU‘ALOFA, Tonga (Matangi Tonga, Jan .17, 2017) – A new wind power generation system and grid stabilization system for Tonga being planned by JICA  as a grant aid project with the Goverment of Japan is expected to offer a stable power supply and diversify Tongatapu's power supply sources.

Discussions are underway for the installation of a Wind Power Generation System for Tongatapu. JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) announced last Friday that it had signed a Minutes of Discussion with the Government of Japan for the Grant Aid Project.

JICA stated that the objective of the project is to introduce a renewable energy power source in the form of a wind power generation system and grid stabilization system. The system would offer a stable power supply and diversify Tonga's power supply sources.

JICA stated "Japan has realized the urgent needs from the Government of Tonga to achieve its 50% Renewable Energy Generation target at year 2020,"

"This Wind Power Project is expected to complete around April 2019, just in time for the Government of Tonga to evaluate its Renewable Energy achievement before 2020."  

The JICA Mission Delegation for the signing was led by Mr. Hiroyuki Kobayashi (Deputy Director General of JICA's Industrial Development and Public Policy Department), Mr Yamato Kawamata (Assistant Director of Japan's Energy and Mining Group) together with a Consultant Team from Kokusai Kogyo Co. Ltd. 

JICA stated that the project would be submitted for final approval around March 2017. 

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