U.S. Defense Department Denies Use Of Agent Orange On Guam

Congresswoman Bordallo requested briefing after veteran claimed he personally sprayed chemical

By Kyla P Mora

HAGÅTÑA, Guam (Pacific Daily News, Jan. 19, 2017) – U.S. Department of Defense senior officials continue to assert Agent Orange “was not used on, stored or transshipped through Guam during the Vietnam War,” according to a statement issued Thursday by Guam Del. Madeleine Bordallo.

Bordallo released the statement after meeting with senior Defense Department officials on Jan. 18 to discuss multiple reports of Agent Orange being used on Guam’s military bases during the war.

“This was an initial meeting to discuss the deep concerns that have been raised in our community,” Bordallo said.

Given the military’s assertion, Bordallo said she looks forward “to reviewing their records that support this claim and continuing to engage with the DOD and local stakeholders so that we have all the facts on this issue.”

Bordallo announced her intention to meet with Defense Department officials on Jan. 6 after 68-year-old veteran Leroy Foster's story of spraying Agent Orange at Andersen Air Force Base was publicized.

As more veterans came forward with corroborating stories, Sen. Fernando Esteves announced on Jan. 10 the formation of a local task force to investigate chemical pollution on Guam, including alleged use of Agent Orange.

Veterans have alleged Agent Orange was used at Andersen, Naval Magazine, Naval Communications Station, Naval Air Station, and Navy Harbor.

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Nothing in life is for certain until it is officially denied.

How silly this politician is. Apparently she can't read water reports from the military. How come we find 2,4D and 2,4,5TP silvex in the drinking water for NCS Guam. How come ATSDR says we're monitoring the pesticides 2,4D and 2,4,5T in wells on Anderson? How come the breakdown products of AO are found throughout Guam? How come veterans have pictures of the AO and other of the rainbow herbs being stored on Guam. And AO is a misnomer, it's and herbicide agent containing dioxin that is the concern and there are many pesticides that contain dioxin or are dioxin forming substances.

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