Bob Dadae Selected To Be Papua New Guinea's Governor-General

Three-term MP from Kabwum honored to be elected

By Isaac Nicholas 

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Feb. 2, 2017) – Governor-General-elect Bob Dadae is a man for the people who loves to travel around the country.

Dadae, at 56 years of age, is still a fit man and he wants to be known by all.

"The G-G must be living and travelling around with the people of Papua New Guinea. If the position allows me to travel, I will not hesitate to visit my people."

Mr Dadae, married with four children - three boys and one girl - graduated with a commerce degree from the University of PNG where Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and Defence Minister Dr Fabian Pok were his classmates.

He started working as chief accountant with the Lutheran Church in Lae and did his MBA in Australia at Griffith University.

Mr Dadae was elected by Parliament yesterday and will be sworn in at Government House on February 24 to replace Sir Michael Ogio.

He beat former MP and fellow Morobean Timothy Bonga 55-36 votes in the second final vote after former Defence Force commander Ted Diro was excluded in the first secret ballot.

Mr Dadae said outside the chambers after his declaration that he would maintain the integrity and dignity of the highest Office of the Governor-General.

"I am very much looking forward to the responsibility, it is a huge task but with the guidance of Government House officers, I will make the right decisions and I will make sure I protect the integrity of that Office which is the highest in the land," he said.

The three-term MP, who has represented his people of Kabwum, thanked the Government for nominating him, his people for their support and God for the elevation to the new office of Governor-General.

Mr Dadae said he would be seeking proper legal advice but would have to resign as an MP before being sworn in as Vice Regal.

"I am duly elected and will continue to perform my role as MP until such time that I am sworn in and I will relinquish my position as Member for Kabwum.

"It is not an easy decision to leave the people of Kabwum. I live among them. I built a State house in Kabwum and when I made the decision to try the G-G’s position, they were not happy but on the other side, they think that it is a call to another level."

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