Catholic Church: Declaring Samoa A Christian Nation Will Combat Extremism

Archiocese supports government effort to make Christianity the state religion

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Feb. 3, 2017) – The Catholic Church in Samoa is indicating that religious extremism may not be tolerated in the country under a new bill.

A bill amending the constitution to declare Samoa a Christian nation has received strong support from MPs during its second reading in Parliament.

The chancellor of Samoa's Catholic Archdiocese Father Fereti Tautunu said he supports the bill as Christianity has a huge influence in Samoa.

He said while people of other faiths should not be worried by the amendment, it will stop those who create conflict in the name of religion from coming to Samoa.

"It doesn't mean they stop other religions as long as other religions are bringing in good values of Christianity like Christian values. Those who carry to the extreme the other teachings that cause troubles, those are the sort of religions that are blocked by this bill."

Father Tautunu said he applauds the government's courage in bringing in the law.

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