French Polynesia Mayor Of Tumara‘a Gets One-Year Jail Sentence For Corruption

Tetuanui banned from politics for 2 years due to 'political sponsoring'

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Feb. 15, 2017) – The criminal court in French Polynesia has given a one-year jail sentence to the mayor of Tumara'a Cyril Tetuanui for corruption.

He was found guilty of accepting $US13,000 from a local baker and in return allotting him stalls in what was dubbed political sponsoring.

The court has also banned Tetuanui, who is also the head of the organisation for the promotion of communities, from holding public office for two years.

He has ten days to lodge an appeal.

In December, Tetuanui was given a suspended eight-month prison sentence for abusing a tendering process to build gymnasiums.

Five years ago, Cyril Tetuanui was given a suspended jail sentence and declared ineligible for public office for a year by France's highest court.

However, he didn't quit office because the court document was never sent through to the French High Commission and the sentence lapsed.

He and his wife Lana Tetuanui had been found guilty of using municipal employees in 2002 to work on their private residence.

Shortly before his wife became a French Senator last year, a complaint was lodged with the police claiming he was on the pay roll as her assistant in her office at the assembly for 30 hours a week.

She said she had adhered to assembly rules and her husband had always accompanied her on her travels around the territory.

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