16 Asian American & Pacific Islander Advisors To President Trump Resign

16 members of the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders have submitted their resignations ahead of the expiry of their term indicating uncertainty about whether President Trump would respect their advise if it did not conform to his predetermined beliefs.

16 Asian American Pacific Islander Advisors to President Trump Resign
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One of the greatest asset of the US is diversity because it allows for a more balanced society and prevent "fundamentalism" to polarize public policies. The resignations of the 16 Asian Americans/Pacific Island Americans as advisors to the President sounds a warning about the threat to this diversity. The Berlin wall was dismantled as sign of tolerance of diversity as tool toward reconciliation. Now, a wall will be erected between the US and Mexico and social walls between US and other countries as a message that conservative fundamentalism will guide and therefore, polarize US policies and that diversity is not well tolerated. Such, the resignation is sad.

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