Some Newer Road In PNG Capital Flooding Due To Poor Planning, Design

Gerehu Police Station Commander critical of engineers' negligence that creates traffic problems

By Franklin Kolma

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, Feb. 16, 2017) – Streets in Port Moresby are being flooded by rain water due to poor planning and design of recently built or reconstructed roads.

In certain suburbs of Port Moresby, residents are reporting heavy flooding of roads that are making it impossible for passage.

According to Gerehu Police Station Commander Peter Kurai, the negligence shown by civil engineers contracted to build effective road networks is causing major traffic hazards around the nation’s capital.

Commander Kurai pointed to Gerehu Stage One as an example of a newly furnished road that is now completely submerged underwater.

He pointed out that the road was built without proper drainage being considered and that as a result, certain parts of Gerehu Stage One are now immobilized from vehicular movement.

“Only larger four wheel drives and buses can access these roads, the smaller sedans and low cars have to find alternate routes and for many, this just means that they cannot travel until the water has been pumped out which is a separate cost in itself,” said the suburb’s police head.

Residents of Gerehu Stage One have put in several complaints to the National Capital District Commission (NCDC) but are still awaiting a response.

The same can be said in other parts of the city like Sabama along the main road, Gordons, East Boroko and even Central Waigani in the main business district.

Furthermore, findings from the Special Parliamentary Committee on Public Sector Reform and Service Delivery has condemned the planning of the K300 million road network built on the Exim Bank of China’s loan.

In a meet with the press recently, the committee’s Head of Secretariat Dr Bill Hamblin said that the lack of planning on many parts of the road showed a complete lack of care for a very important public amenity and that investigations need to be carried out into who was contracted with the planning phase of the roads.

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