Yacht Sea Oak, Scene Of Alleged Murder In Tonga, Reportedly Sold In Fiji

While accused awaits possible extradition from U.S., vessel apparently sailed from Pago Pago to Fiji for sale

NUKU‘ALOFA, Tonga (Matangi Tonga, Feb. 16, 2017) – The yacht Sea Oak, allegedly the scene of a murder in Vava'u, is reported to have been removed from Pago Pago in American Samoa and taken to Fiji. Murder accused Dean Jay Fletcher fled from Tonga on the Sea Oak in September last year before he was arrested in Pago Pago.

Fletcher, an American citizen is accused of murdering his wife Patricia Linne Kearney, a Canadian, in July 2016 when he allegedly assaulted her on the yacht, while they were anchored in Vava'u. Fletcher who escaped from Police custody in Neiafu, is believed to be in the custody of the U.S Marshals in Hawaii.

Now allegations have emerged from the yachting community that the yacht was recently removed from Pago Pago and sold in Fiji.

Matangi Tonga has received unconfirmed reports from a reader that the yacht has been reregistered in another name.

"The yacht has been removed to Fiji...From my understanding, people flew in from overseas to Pago Pago, removed the name 'Seaoak'...This boat has been renamed.

"The ownership of the yacht has been registered in the name of Dean Fletcher's mother's maiden name."


Tonga’s Acting Attorney General ‘Aminiasi Kefu, who is working to extradite Fletcher from the US to face the murder charge in Tonga, said today he had no knowledge of the removal of the yacht from Pago Pago.

“I do not know about this."

Meanwhile, Tonga Police have not confirmed the current whereabouts of the yacht.

On February 1, United States District Court for the District of Hawaii had found that Fletcher, charged with the murder of his wife in Tonga, is extraditable for each of the offences in which the Government of Tonga had applied for his return to Tonga.

The Magistrate Judge issued a Certification of Extraditability and Order of Commitment for Fletcher who escaped from police custody in Vava'u.

The new U.S Secretary of State is expected to give final approval for the extradition before April 1 this year. This is unless Fletcher applies for habeas corpus on basis that the court order is unlawful, and then the court process continues.

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This sounds like nonsense, who just rocks up and "removes" a yacht!! Sounds like someone is fishing for information. This whole case is becoming very fishy with many seemingly false accusations and media bias. Perhaps the rumors are correct and the Tongan police commissioner has truly lost control and needs replacing.

I know Dean and can't believe this stuff. His wife Trish had a nerve disorder and could not start an outboard engine. This story holds no water. He was her care provider. I contacted the U.S. Marshall Service and made them aware of this FACT.

@ Michael; What can't you believe? Three eye witnesses? That it was an abusive relationship?

Well now his extradition case is settled I guess it's back to business! Whatever that might be!

Trish was my good friend in Whistler, BC. When she visited me in 2007, she didn't seem that happy about returning. Said Dean had a huge bad temper, abused her. Though she never really stated in which form. She was a rock stuck in a hard place. Gone to long to stay here, but though loving the adventure, not sure if it was great with Dean. She was so frail, due to her condition. He totally controlled her. He was her demise.

Ya sad.. but who the eff marries an American, yikes. Anyway, what's sad is of course how happy the US is covering for their murderers, sincethey all are innate murdering psychos.. go figure. Makes me think of that other small island American murderer, walking away is erm Reiser.. erm no.. Mcafee, ridiculous.. those sub humans spread like cancer.

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