Pohnpei State Files Criminal Charges Against Former Governor John Ehsa

Efforts to extradite Ehsa from U.S. possilbe to face charges of illegal travel authorizations

By Bill Jaynes

POHNPEI, Federated States of Micronesia (Kaselehlie Press, Feb. 1, 2017) – Today Pohnpei State filed an eight count criminal information against former Governor John Ehsa centered on allegations that on October 8, 2014 he approved a travel authorization for himself in the amount of $13,000 to travel from Pohnpei to Pohnpei. The stated use was for representation funds.

The report that was forwarded to the Attorney General’s office by the Compliance Investigation Unit (CIU) of the Pohnpei Office of the Public Auditor found that “the travel authorization was not valid, and therefore, the advance of representation fund money was inappropriate.” The report also indicated that John Ehsa has not filed a travel voucher or other accounting for use of the funds.

The Pohnpei State Department of Treasury and Administration confirmed in writing to the Office of the Attorney General that the amount of $13,000 remains outstanding and had not been receipted and liquidated on its accounting records.

The counts filed by the State against the former Governor are: Cheating; Embezzlement; Grand Larceny; theft by failure to make required disposition of funds received; forgery; concealment, removal or alteration of records or proceeds; misconduct in public office; and, compounding a crime.

The CIU report said that Ehsa also advanced $8,000 for a trip to Korea of which only $4,065 was receipted. It claimed that the remaining balance is still outstanding. The statute of limitations for those allegedly outstanding funds has expired so were not included in the criminal information filed by the Office of the Pohnpei State Attorney General early this week.

Ehsa is not on island. In March of 2015, the FSM government charged him with Criminal Depravation of Civil rights, Obstruction of Justice, and Criminal Contempt. His passport was confiscated but returned to him by the FSM Supreme Court so that he could go to the Philippines for a medical referral. But he did not go to the Philippines. Officials believe that he is in the US mainland. Both FSM and Pohnpei State officials said that they will soon begin the process of extradition from the United States so that he can stand trial.

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I knew he's always a liar .


I am happy to see a movement in the state of Pohnpei to weed out those individuals who cheat, steal, and misappropriate funds on purpose for their own used. These actions by individuals as accused, are stalling the development of our country. I am looking forward to hearing more about crooked officials removal, otherwise the problems are taken care of, and that I would applaused your effort. Thank

No wonder Pni is sinking amh

What a shame.

I'm glad they took action this time. Just wished they had done it on previous officials as well. So sad

Wow they should of done that long time ago,not just one person,when you get elected you become very rich what a shame....


Very sad.. but I hope he regretted and May God forgive him...this is how Sedan drives people mind on Money...so people even 0 or a penny is enough ..always appreciate what you get for each day..just don't let Desirous & Greedy control your life...

It's people that drives sedan.


oh mai kahd!!!! saj a sheim!!! AG should also do something about the Squatters as well!! i can see that if theres only a few perps then its kill time but when it involves quite a few perps then its Tiahk en Wahu time!!! sukz!!!

Why bother looking for others mistakes knowing that you're one of them? nobody is perfect. If whatever cases stated from the media are true then I question why not go ahead and look for the other officials who's also stealing from the government? Every Politicians have their way for the green. Isn't enough that former Ehsa already resigned from his position?

your name is Karma....you should know better than to ask such a stupid question like that. If you don't - then let me enlighten you. NO it's not enough that he's resigned. He deserves every [thing] coming his way. IF we want all the past and present politician's to get what they deserve then MAKE SURE Governor Peterson gets back into his Chair next election. IF we want a different POHNPEI then ALL OF US needs to change our [BS] MENTALLITY of letting everything ... GO towards all the wrongdoings that's happing in Pohnpei and start attacking it head on. We worry too much about Trump and HIS [BS] from the USA when we have our own problems here in Pohnpei. If we can't support clean-house here, we shouldn't expect to make a difference anywher. That's the problem with Pohnpei - TOO MUCH SHADY PEOPLE who can't seem to stick to what they believe in. Always back away EVEN THOUGH THEY KNOW they're right. [PIR editor's note: Please note that this post has been edited to remove profane language. PIR requests that comments be kept respectful and free of profanity. We reserve the right to reject and/or edit any comment.]

Totally agree with you!!!!

This thing is a BIG BS. [PIR editor's note: Please note that this post has been edited to remove profane language. PIR requests that comments be kept respectful and free of profanity. We reserve the right to reject and/or edit any comment.]

Selfish selfish selfish..puke

"ALL WRONG SHALL BE REVEALED" This guy is a CROOK right from the beginning. And I just heard from a friend of his daughter last week that the "Criminal" is in Guam getting treatments for his disease.

No mercy.

We have these moves in our place?Man kasdo te me I kin ese..smh

He was on Guam a couple years back screwing around..

That's why the residents of the F.S.M or Pohnpei state don't wanna go back home,Well let's pray that is not gonna happen again. God bless micronesians islands and the people,Also god bless our great president Peter Christian for his hard work.

They should extradite this SOB. He's probably here in the US scamming the welfare system. I'm not surprised. This is rampant in our local gov't. Beware, there's a lot of them here in the US that have fled the islands (Pohnpei) to avoid the long arm of the law. Shame on them. You all know who you are. OHTIER KANAMENEK!

i believe this person in question wasn't equipped with the protective apparatus as other politicians who are fortunate considering the help of their inner-circles. Most of our politicians who are protected and have the advantageous leverage may havae a subtle to none of their disdained acts, Everyone must be liable and accountable all across the board. To humiliate one person for what he did while refusing other leader' act of disloyalty (on a larger scale) is an act of unconstitutional intent, FSM in general always has the tendency in protecting the strong hand and letting the weak hand suffer, and in most cases make an example out of them and inject public interest for validity. All in all, Pohnpei state gov't needs to start instilling standards where citizens and its officials come under one fundamental principle to which their constitution doesn't discriminate on any different classes of official and citizens regardless of class group the belong to. Jackson Kiad

Are you not also scamming the system Mr. Anonymous? LOL. IF you reveal your name, I can assure you that your crap will rise above the water. Bring your concerns to the table with some class and knowledge. Entitlement only allows you to speak your empty brain but it doesn't give you the direction where your ideas are gathered and ready to convey. Just like an [a-hole], everyone is entitled to one but what matters the most is who's crap stinks the most. I can be in a short distance away knowing your [stuff] is unfathomable. [PIR editor's note: Please note that this post has been edited to remove profane language. PIR requests that comments be kept respectful and free of profanity. We reserve the right to reject and/or edit any comment.]

Udahn Sohte mwahu

He had done something wrong in one day or month, how many years have he sacrificed himself for our island?he is the only person that i know that would stand for our island and fight for among the other states. we talk of shame or greed or whatever, politics in government is a crime. who let the former Governor have that amount of money? who signed the TA or the check for his travel that they already know that it is not allowed? of course he is the Governor, we are suppose to do what he said,or even be a "KISS A$$ BUT we can always guide him in his paths. That is why Governors have cabinets and Staffs beside him to give him advice and guidance. what happen to them that the former Governor became like this? what do they gain from this to keep them shut in the formers decision. this is what people call BACK-STAB... [PIR editor's note: Please note that this post has been edited to remove profane language. PIR requests that comments be kept respectful and free of profanity. We reserve the right to reject and/or edit any comment.]

Finally!! All our local or national corrupt leaders needs to be judged just like the rest of us. NO ONE SHOULD BE ABOVE THE LAW!

John and I worked together at a Congress of Micronesia special session on Pohnpei as Proof Readers. Wow.

The entire cleanup process needs scrutiny of every aspect of out government from top to bottom. National Gov't has to take the lead in the scrutiny process. Reason is clear that we all know that the larger the scale the more significant loss has to be dealt with, We all can agree that by definition stealing, misuse and abuse of funds, tweaking the system at the upper hand to their advantage, etc, to numbers is arguable. Such disdainful acts must be brought to justice and but in all fair and justifiable approach.

If I'm correct, these are just allegations and must be met with prove, evidence of wrong doing? I would not want to elaborate unless, I'm able to substantiate my case with amble prove and or evidence. I'm amazed at how often We jump to conclusions, mouthing off on somebody on hear say or so, and so said this, that. I'd like to think that We are very Educated and or moving in that direction and let us use caution, refrain from adding fuel to the flame that might get out of hand and instead of bringing justice and closure, damages this case. ONE is innocent until proven GUILTY? Cheers!


why dont we stick our noses into something we understand rather into something we dont know of? im just asking..cuz people government procedures are not going through Governor only it goes through many departments and agencies for it to be approved and used. He is wrong for asking that amount of money, they already know that it is against the law and they are committing crime but yet they approved it to him and signed and let him used it. after a while they back stabbed him. where is his left hand and right hand cabinets? where are their guidance and checking of work is done in proper and careful way? If its His fault then it should fall under those people too....



Its all about the "green".....its politician way of doing their job..some got away with it,who knows, God actually pays them on the other side....And some still going throug it, and some about to do it,trust nobody when it comes to politic.....it is POHNPEI, ladies and gentleman,Nan Tehlik Pohnpei.

What has this world come to? Where politicians LIE?!?! Yeah sure what a shock. There is dirt on every single politician.

No matter what ppls life is short do what best on you and let god judge yourself...and stop spreading the rumors or none on our business what's been done...done is done... He own that decision..you make your own not Hitler the one smack on your head and said to do it...that's why we called this is on earth everybody make mistakes...no body perfect...so on and on....i Bernice.S.E I respect John Esah no matter what god be with you and forgiveness

Sighed! SMH.....

I cant believe this

wow...from reading all these comments i just feel sorry. sorry for John sorry for the rest of us who said bad words against him. what is wrong with us people? Shame on all of us....



Why don't we let judges decide and give our mouth shut....


Our Government is always going fuxked up all beacause of those who work in finace office are making deals with who ever getting the funds so they can be benefit from it ..lol..Every office in the Government is stealing money from the government,for intance,the bosses of each department knows whos stealing money and office equipment but they can't say anything cuz they are part of the deal..The cycle in the Government will keep going untill they change the head of the the office who control money which is the (Finance Office) who give him the funds money in the first place!! Our government is all about who we know not what we know,the misuse of government money will keep going cus everyone if benefit from it lol no offense it just a piece of my mind!shit happens but hard to slove the problem dealing with money!!!

It is about time PNI Govt investigate and litigate the criminal activities, stealing, corruption, and misused of the govt funds. I am so proud of this news, I felt that it is about time that the govt resolved it's chronic long standing corruption. Dr. John John

If I may ask, what island he come from please.

So sad to hear that one of our former leader can do such thing like this....so sad....pohnpei one of the lowest income with tax so high n yet you our leaders cheat n stole money from our state? Is it worth? Well good luck on your side....hope you got serve good...peace


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