Vanuatu Minister Of Lands Blames Political Instability For Slowness Of Cyclone Recovery

European Union rehabilitation funds have not all been used: Regenvanu

By Len Garae

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, Feb. 22, 2017) – The Minister of Lands, Ralph Regenvanu, has blamed political instability for the slowness to process the massive financial support allocated by the European Union for rehabilitation.

The minister made the remarks in his address to explain what the Salwai Government has achieved in one year of operation.

In fact the chiefs of Tongoa who were present were impressed with what the minister said and even asked for copies of the Government’s achievements to be sent to them.

The minister spoke in the open court room, about 20 metres away from the eye-sore roofless structure of the Administration complex and Conference Hall at Morua.

Even the District Administration Officer, Morrison Makau is still borrowing a space in the Court Clerk’s Office two years on.

The Secretary General of Shefa Province, Michel Kalworai said, “Shefa Provincial Council is going to fund the reroofing of the Administration and Conference Room at Morua under its programme this year.

“In fact it is part of the Government’s priorities to fund the project and we are confident to do the project in the first quarter of this year.”

The Minister of Climate Change, Ham Lini, accompanied the DAO to see firsthand where he has a temporary office in the Court Clerk’s office and like every other leader; he also wants to see the scars of Cyclone Pam repaired for good.

Even Opposition MP Seule Tom also appealed to the Government to repair the French school on Tongoa where he said students are still studying in tattered tents that were provided immediately after the cyclone to be used as temporary classrooms which their classrooms proper were repaired. They are still waiting to be repaired.

The Minister of Lands said with political instability which resulted in regular changes of Government, it was not possible to proceed with government projects in the pipeline because each Government had to start all over again. The end result was that Government projects were not carried out.

However under the current Government, that is changing to accommodate incoming projects funded by the EU and other donor partners after Cyclone Pam under the Rehabilitation Programme.

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Truely political instability does not contributes to a country's please leaders act in such a way that people can enjoy themselves in their free right.not to change government and no delay on the development and economy of Vanuatu. Thanks

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