Fiji Bus Association Calls On Government To Improve Road Drainage

Road conditions, exacerbated by heavy rains, are deteriorating

By Luke Rawalai

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, Feb. 23, 2017) – The Fiji Roads Authority needs to address the poor quality of road drainage systems around the country if it wants to improve road conditions, says Fiji Buses Operators Association president Pramod Chand.

In an interview, Mr Chand said roads around the country continued to deteriorate and become inaccessible for buses and other forms of public transport because poor drainage affected road beds.

Mr Chand said once water seeped into the road bed, pressure from vehicles made it easier for roading structure to disintegrate.

"Our drainage system has been deteriorating ever since FRA came into being and we are tired of telling them to fix the drains," he said.

"They never listen and it is the ordinary citizens that suffer, especially when bus services to these communities are cut off.

"As bus operators we would like to proudly serve all communities in the country but it is the pathetic state of roads that limits this aim."

Mr Chand said the problems with drainage systems were also experienced by bus companies in the Central and Western divisions.

Responding to queries, FRA chief executive officer John Hutchinson said the prolonged wet weather currently affecting the country had worsened conditions of drains.

"The compounding effects of continuous rainfall have placed stress on the pavement and drainage network throughout the Northern Division," he said.

"The FRA contractors have worked continuously every day dealing with culvert washouts, pavement repairs, potholes, water channels and drains."

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