Director Of PNG National Housing Corporation Orders Probe

Response to alleged illegal title transfers of properties and evictions, 'strong possibility' of closing the Goroka office for an indefinite period pending investigation

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, February 24, 2017) – National Housing Corporation (NHC) acting managing director Ditha Morris Nayabbanung has ordered an investigation into alleged illegal title transfers of properties and evictions.

A team of investigators will conduct the investigation next Monday and Tuesday.

Nayabbanung is appealing to NHC tenants who are victims of the illegal activities to lodge their complaints.

“There has been serious issues of corruption that has taken root in Goroka perpetrated by a network of people built over the past few years that needs our urgent and outmost attention to identify and effectively neutralise once and for all,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Nayabanung said operations at the Goroka NHC office had gone through “an embarrassing turn of events which has ruined the corporation’s name and reputation in the last four years, grabbing public condemnation and the ultimate scrutiny of Prime Peter O’Neill.”

“The corporation will immediately commence a major clean-up operation to rid corrupt individuals and restore order and sanity back to the organisation.

“We need to attend to these complaints very promptly because we have properties housing senior citizens and public servants that must be protected from these illegal activities,” he said.

Nayabanung said there was “a strong possibility” of closing the Goroka office for an indefinite period pending investigation.

He said illegal activities in other provinces had also been identified and would come under similar scrutiny.
O’Neill ordered an investigation into the entity following numerous complaints from the members of the public.

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As a public servant, I need urgent advice. I got a court order eviction from a legal counsel act on behalf of a second party information claiming to be the land lord to the state property ( house) . The claimant ( 2nd party) is a full time villager who haven't got a title but is making money on the property by collecting rentals for more than 20 years without maintaining and developing the land. Housing is an issue for most public servant, therefore I'm only enqire here if there is a possibility for to continue to stay in the house until the second party claiming to be the landlord grab hold to the title. My email: Thank you

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