Cook Islands PM Slams Shipping Owner For Deflecting Blame For Vessel Grounding

Taio Shipping owner blames wreck of Moana Nui on entanglement with disgarded fishing gear

RAROTONGA, Cook Islands (Cook Islands News, March 3, 2017) – A stern response has been issued by the Office of the Cook Islands Prime Minister Henry Puna about what a local shipping company owner believes was the reason for his new shipping running aground on Nassau reef in January this year.

In an emailed statement to the Cook Islands News, the Office stated it was "highly irresponsible" of Taio Shipping owner Tapi Taio to make public comments about what he thought caused the reefing of Moana Nui".

The release described Mr Taio's claims as unsubstantiated and premature given that an investigation by the Ministry of Marine Resources and three insurance investigators wasn't complete and reports into the reefing released.

It said a natural response was to blame others but the comments are pre-emptive.

Mr Taio has said that discarded ropes from fishing vessels working in northern waters became entangled in the propeller of the Moana Nui disabling the vessel.

The government said the grounding of the Moana Nui was under investigation by the Ministry of Transport as required by law.

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