PNG Opposition Leader ‘Disgusted’ At Government’s Handling Of Inaugural Petroleum Summit

Polye: Summit one sided and biased towards the interests of corporate profit, not sustaining livelihoods

By Gorethy Kenneth

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, March 02, 2017) – Opposition Leader Don Polye has hit at the Government again, disgusted at the manner in which the inaugural petroleum summit has been handled.

He said there was “loud mouthing” of bigger benefits looming and that there future of PNG was now very bright. “The alternative government’s question is for who? These are bigger benefits but for whom?” Mr Polye said.

He said that the inaugural petroleum and energy summit has discussed one sided and biased towards the interests of corporate profit, meeting market demands only.

 “The proceeds that come out of the petroleum and energy sector must go to the people to sustain their livelihood and secure the future of Papua new Guineans.

“In such summit we should be talking about maximizing the benefits, we should be talking about giving considerable benefits to the landowners and the Papua New Guineans,” Mr Polye said.

“I’ve heard and I’ve searched through and analyzed discussions and although there’s been landowners issues discussed but very little.

“We’ve made many mistakes in the past and history must not be repeated,” Mr Polye said.

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