Fiji Has Potential To Be The Main Cardiology Center In The Pacific

Asessment by NZ cardiologist who performed Fiji's first-ever angioplasty, calls for upgrade in facility and equipment to match skill level

By Alisi Vucago

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, March 12, 2017) – The medical team in Fiji is just as good as those in Australia and New Zealand and it has the potential to be the main cardiology center in the Pacific.

These were the sentiments shared by cardiologist Dr Albert Ko who is from Ascot Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand, and had performed Fiji?s first-ever angioplasty at the CWM hospital on April 6, 2011.

"They are just as good as those in Australia and New Zealand but these people need a career pathway, they need to know where they're headed towards in terms of salaries, training prospect, up-skilling themselves and acquiring the best interest in their jobs," Dr Ko said.

"If we upgrade their equipment and service them in a level comparable to Australia and New Zealand, we can become a tertiary referral centre for the South Pacific.

"People from Samoa, Tonga and other parts of the Pacific won't have to go to Australia and New Zealand for treatment, they can come to Fiji."

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