Federated States Of Micronesia Voters Again Reject Dual Citizenship

Most incumbent 2-year members of congress returned by voters

POHNPEI, Federated States of Micronesia (Kaselehlie Press, March 15, 2017) – Last week voters in the Federated States of Micronesia turned out to elect their representatives for the two-year seats in the FSM Congress and to decide whether or not the Constitution should be amended to allow for dual citizenship.

The National Election Commission has already sent a letter to President Peter Christian with the certified results of the election.

In his letter to the president, the national election director, Tony Otto, explained that the results were a bit delayed because the State of Chuuk was late in sending its final results.

The proposed constitutional amendment to allow dual citizenship failed to pass. For a constitutional amendment to be passed, 75 percent of the voters in [75% of] the states need to vote “yes” to amending the Constitution.

Eighty-five percent of Kosrae voters voted for the amendment, but Pohnpei’s votes fell short of the standard by 4.79 percent and only 61 percent of Chuuk’s voters approved the amendment. In Yap, it was only 52 percent.

Kosrae’s representative to the FSM Congress for the next two years will be incumbent Paliknoa K. Welly, who ran unopposed for the seat. Pohnpei has three two-year seats. Incumbents Ferny S. Perman and Esmond Moses will occupy two of those seats. Dion G. Neth will take the seat currently occupied by Sen. Berney Martin.

Chuuk has five two-year seats. Voters chose Florencio Singkoro Harper, Victor “Vicky” Gouland, Tiwiter Aritos, Doresio Konman, and Robson Romolow to take those seats.

Isaac V. Figir retains his two-year seat for Yap.

This year’s election offered voters the opportunity to potentially select the first two women to serve in the FSM Congress. Though the women made a good showing in the election, voters did not choose them.

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Former President of the FSM, J. Haglelgam, wrote a very detailed piece on this issue. Although he also clarified his position of NOT SUPPORTING the amendment, he also clarified the Amendment for those who are not clear as to what it would have done to the FSM Constitution, if it had passed. While on Yap during the election, I asked several people what did the amendment proposed to do, and I found that ALL were not clear on what it would have done, or had a very wrong interpretation of what the amendment was. I URGE EVERYONE TO READ THE FORMER PRESIDENT HAGLELGAM LETTER ON THIS ISSUE. As an FSM citizen, you'd probably be glad that the amendment didn't get approved by the people.

Hi, PIR, you may note that my original article said that the requirement for a Constitutional Amendnent is for 75% of the voters in 75% of the States to vote yes to the passage of the amendment. You took out the "in 75% of the States" part in your edit but that is part of the requirement. For instance, if one State had only a .01 percent "yes" vote but the other three states had a 75% "yes" vote, the amendment would pass. FYI...

Aloha Bill. Thanks for the clarification. I picked up the article from Marianas Variety and used it verbatim so I guess they made the change. I've added back the part of 75% of the states since, as you rightly point out, it's a critical distinction.

May I? The disbelief at this point will express itself as open astonishment and refusal to believe that we, FSM people could not be serious enough to take on issue serious on dual citizenship and atleast given a chances to breather. The FSM nation (past and present) have been lacking further not to inform the people of FSM by not involving more on the academic studies, legal and ethnical activists to welcome such developments and improvement on dual citizenship between FSM and United States families and children. To loosen the ties that bind FSM to American family and our children to our FSM land, and to each other have depraved our right, perhaps, why not helping our many mix US born children to develop identification and emotional ties to larger and in their view, more democratic communities on both countries FSM, and USA on behalf of dual citizenship. However, it its most obvious of manifestation, and unconscious bias is the essence of Professor J. Haglelgam clipped and last minutes informed and rejection vs dual citizenship for the future of FSM people. Given the fact that professor Haglelgam have more enjoy the man domineering culture in FSM over woman have been passed over for promotion or future electing to same position in FSM government job to this day in favor of man only or been considered man land, and man leadership/ruler only in FSM. These unconscious and backward culture of biases in FSM can hide inside all bad leadership today's still, and lurking under the surface and influencing our decision and actions for not try bettering policy for all our people, man, children and woman altogether in region. It also affects more than just culture and tradition in FSM. According to Lowy Institute in Australia, which China has becoming a major donor and providing billion in aid to FSM recently. The fact is in Yap State, Chinese investors are developing a new mega-resort, and what else Chinese will be building that will taking over land, and ocean, too, without passing votes to legalize (China's) statues, but taking over every little piece of FSM land under the table... Thank you.

Why not give it a try and participate in building it, not just staring at but involved in it..We never know what the future story will be. Thank you

It's obvious that only kosraens were well informed.

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