Fiji Chief Justice Wants End To Internet Anonymity

Called for users to reveal their identity in order to access or post on-line as is done with mobile phones, internet should be place of 'civilisation, principle, and decency'

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, March 16, 2017) – Fiji's Chief Justice Anthony Gates has suggested that anonymity be eliminated from the internet.

FBC News said Justice Gates called for users to reveal their identity, as with mobile phones, in order to access or post on-line.

He was speaking at the World Consumer Rights Day in Suva amid a debate surrounding the use of fake profiles on social media.

Justice Gates said subversive, criminal, extremist, or pornographic sites should have no place either.

He said there were technical adjustments that could be made to close up some of the worst portions of the internet.

Justice Gates said the internet could not be allowed to be an unruly no-go unpoliced area, but it must be a place of civilisation, principle, and decency.

He also said media would have to exercise extreme care when repeating what was said on social media.

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