2,821 Candidates To Contest For 111 Seats In Papua New Guinea Elections

13 vye for Prime Minister's seat in Ialibu-Pangia

By Clifford Faiparik

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (The National, March 23, 2017) – A total of 2821 candidates have signed the official form to contest the 111 seats in the 2017 national election – including 13 vying for Prime Minister Peter O’Neill’s Ialibu-Pangia seat.

PNG Electoral Commission media officer Alphones Muapi said the 2821 had filled and signed Form 29 which had all their personal details.

But he said the exact number of candidates contesting each of the 111 seats would be finalised when nominations closed on April 27.

In 2012, 3435 candidates contested.

It is expected that the number this year may be much less if the nomination fee is increased to K10,000 [US$3,065] from K1000 [US$307].

Parliament is expected to decide on the fees when it sits next week.

Muapi confirmed that 12 people would be challenging O’Neill for the Ialibu-Pangia seat in Southern Highlands. In 2012, eight, including O’Neill, vied for the seat.

There are 32 vying for the Southern Highlands Regional seat, 29 for Imbonggu, 49 for Kagua-Erave, 17 for Mendi and 25 for  Nipa-Kutubu.

There is also a notable interest in seats in Western and Gulf, with 53 contesting the Western Regional seat, 44 in Middle Fly, 68 in North Fly, and 58 in South Fly.

In Gulf, 54 are interested in the Regional seat, 67 in Kerema and 57 in Kikori.

Meanwhile 29 candidates have expressed interest to contest the Manus Regional seat and 32 for Manus Open.

In the National Capital District, 47 are vying for Governor Powes Parkop’s seat, North East 61, North West 44 and South 18.

There are six vying for the Bougainville Regional seat, 18 for Central Bougainville, 28 North Bougainville and 12 for South Bougainville. In New Ireland, there are 16 for the Regional seat, nine for Namatanai and 23 for Kavieng.

In West New Britain, 12 are vying for the Regional seat, 30 for Talasea and 19 for Kandrian/Gloucester 19.

In East New Britain, Regional has 15, Gazelle 16, Kokopo 23, Pomio 11 and Rabaul 8. In Hela, Regional 37, Komo-Margarima 45, Tari-Pori 16 and Koroba-Lake Kopiago 36. In Milne Bay, 26 are vying for the Regional seat, 16 in Esa’ala, 31 in Kiriwina-Goodenough, 20 in Alotau 20 and 23 in Samarai-Murua.

The Central Regional seat has 33, Abau 24, Goilala 42, Rigo 36 and Kairuku-Hiri 28. Northern Regional seat has 39 candidates, Ijivitari 26 and Sohe 46.

Madang Regional seat has 28, Bogia 11, Madang Open 11, Middle Ramu 14, Rai Coast 7, Sumkar 14 and Usino-Bundi 13.

West Sepik Regional seat has 31 candidates, Aitape-Lumi 18, Nuku 13, Telefomin 17 and Vanimo-Green 20.

In East Sepik, 27 are contesting the Governor’s seat held since Independence by Sir Michael Somare, 16 for Ambunti/Drekikir, 32 for Angoram, 21 for Maprik, 36 in Wewak, 29 in Wosera-Gawi  and 19 in Yangoru-Saussia.

In Morobe, 15 want Governor Kelly Naru’s seat, Bulolo 21, Finschhafen 43, Huon Gulf 25, Kabwum 23, Lae 49, Markham 24, Menyamya/Aseki 25, Nawaeb 40 and Tewai-Siassi 39.

Enga Regional seat has 28, Kandep 25, Kompiam/Ambum 36, Porgera/Lagaip 46, Wabag 25 and Wapenamanda 29.

Eastern Highlands Regional 24, Daulo 22, Goroka 15, Henganofi 14 , Kainantu 18, Lufa 17, Obura-Waninara 7, Okapa 30 and Unggai-Bena 9.

Jiwaka Regional has 37, Anglimp South Waghi 15, Jimi 22, North Waghi 22.

Western Highlands Regional has 25 candidates, Dei 32, Hagen 22, Mul-Baiyer 29 and Tambul/Nebilyer 24.

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I guess it's time to choose the right leaders into parliament. Leaders who are God- fearing and have a heart to best serve the people. Over the past elections, there has been high incidences of corruption and bribery of voters with cash. Enough is enough, it's time for a change and in the upcoming elections, I solemnly urge the people of Papua New Guinea to choose your leaders wisely for your greater benefit!!

I do agree to this, we will now make our careful choices to vote for our leaders, we need really Godly fearing leaders in our country PNG's government, to honest, and to deliver services not for their own families but for the people of the nation. We pray for God almighty to take over and rule our government. Thank you Tagali for submitted this.

Choosing leaders are the best way of selecting a good foundation of living for the good benefits of the people at the end of the day.Therefore be careful when you are choosing a leader. Its good to be an individual to make his/her own decision.Because we want the visionary leaders to visionalize and to implement this visions of his/her platforms that he/she is intending for.Be like Hon.Douglas. Tomuriesa that he has been going with talk.

Elect leaders with Human Capital for better Papua New Guinea vision and mission 2050

How can we improve Png if the bribery contiues in this (2017 national election) period. The effects of bribery will result in choosing wrong leaders. So please peoples lets do away with this and lets choose right leader for good of ourselve. Concern citizen - Kandep (K2magau).

We have seen and learnt from past leaders, the type of leadership displayed during their terms. Was it public centered or self centered? Were govt basic services delivered to the people or not? Were resources from the electorate exploited and developed in order to develop the electorate and benefit the people? Were district funds put into their right use? These are some of the questions we need to ask before we decide the candidate to vote. If the past leaders and current leader have not performed to expectation then it's about time we vote a new leader who can develop and bring services to the people. A leader with a vision and mission to accomplish, that is to bring govt basic services to the village people who needed them. We want to progress and prosper in life and it is only possible through basic service delivery. Enough is enough, this is not time to talk, this is time for action.

I observe that the Elections is being treated like a job applications. The right to nominate needs to be reviewed to filter the right candidates to contest the final voting process..perhaps a first round to eliminate unsupported candidates.A task for the new Parliament?

PNG, this upcoming election be wise when choosing an individual leader that you can benefit in the future, don't think about you think about your our children, how will their benefit in the future. It's not about money, it's all about service, how can there provide standard service to our family and community.

I solely urge the citizens of this blessed nation of Papua New Guinea cast your vote to leaders who fears God and have a servant serving leaderships character. Because the bible says, when the righteous are in control people rejoice.

If we really nead a change in the country, we need to elect the rigth leader for better tomorrow. Nomination was open and the intending candidates are flooding in to contest the national election 2017. It would be healthier if there are certain prerequisites and requirements that the intending candidates must fulfill before they actually marched into the arena of national election. Being a leader is crucial and challenging, therefore we need leaders who have the capabilities.

To go against the government

PNG we need visionary and God fearing leaders to bring PNG forward to the next dimension that we the poor citizens expected. The Government is for the people not people for the government. After leaders being elected they must serve the best interest of their people. Thanks . Concern citizen

all png citizens who are eligible to vote must use our best judgement and vote for leaders who are equell to you and me and must be subject the rule of laws they make in the haus tambaran. if they have been avoiding arest for wrong doing then they are not worthy of being elected again. let the law catch up with them when they are down there like you and i ordinary citizens. lets be wise once bitten thinks twice.

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