PNG MP, PPP Party Leader Warns Foreigners Against Doing Illegal Deals

Micah commits to expelling lawbreakers if  People’s Progress Party wins election

By Nellie Setepano 

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, March 23, 2017) – Foreigners involved in illegal deals in the country have been warned that they will be removed.

That is the warning from People’s Progress Party (PPP) leader and Kavieng MP Ben Micah if the people of PNG give PPP a voice in the next four months during the National Election.

When highlighting the party’s foreign investments friendly plan which is part of the party’s eight-point plan called "Transformation PNG" yesterday he could not stress enough about foreigners involved in illegal deals.

"I want to warn our foreigners, foreign companies, and investors that are coming into the country and bribing officials at the airport, Department of Labour, Foreign Affairs and police that this is not going to be your country."

"If you come to PNG as serious investors, you invest and follow our rules and laws. Such investors and business people have no place in PNG."

"We are not going to be tolerant on foreign business and business men who are here and start the chain of bribery at the airport. We will give you 24 hours to leave the country," he said.

He added that officials in department such as lands and physical planning and city and town authorities that are bribed so that they can approve buildings that do not follow regulations will be dealt with. He said PPP is based on good governance, honesty, accountability, transparency credibility of leadership and based firmly on the principles of Christianity that have embraced for more than 100 years.

The party has zero tolerance on corruption that is eating away our life line of our administration system and denying our people quality government.

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