Malaita Premier Frustrated With Slowness Of National Government Projects

Ramohia: Sea ports, cannery, oil palm projects promoted by Solomon Islands government all 'stagnant'

By Bira’au Wilson Saeni
In Auki

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, March 30, 2017) – The Malaita premier is beginning to grow weary about the slowness of the implementation of the national projects on Malaita Province.

The Malaita national projects such as Bina international sea port, Suava cannery and port, Auluta oil palm, Waisisi and Wairokai Oil Palm are stagnant and not progressing.

Premier Peter Ramohia revealed this at the start of the provincial government full assembly meeting early this week.

“Nothing tangible is happening on the ground in Malaita province to reflect the efforts being injected into the partnership between the national government and the Malaita provincial government in relation to the national projects.”

He said, many Malaitans have continued to raise questions relating to why Malaita national projects are stagnant and not progressing.

He said he is also sharing the same concern raised by many concern Malaitans about the slowness when it comes to implementing of these projects.

“As a leader of the MART government I am beginning to grow weary as well about the slowness of the implementation of these projects” he said.

“I share the same concern raised by Malaitans about the slowness of these projects.

“The MART government, in the beginning, collaborated with the national government to ensure these projects are implemented, but nothing tangible is happening on the ground,” he said adding to the embarrassment was the Prime Minister rubbishing the “Think Tank” report”.

 “I have expressed concern over this matter because such action by the leader of this country is unexpected and undermined the good reputation of some of our well respected and educated Malaitans involved.

“I believe there are better approaches that the PM should have taken such as call for proper editing and referencing of the report instead of what he did,” he added.

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