Vanuatu To Maintain Support For West Papua

PM: human rights is one of the central components of Vanuatu’s foreign policy

By Godwin Ligo

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, April 8, 2017) – In his remarks on Vanuatu’s foreign policy, Prime Minister Salwai, stressed the respect of human rights.

He said human right is one of the very important components of Vanuatu’s foreign policy and reiterated that it is something that Vanuatu must continue to maintain.

The Prime Minister appealed to the Vanuatu Ministry of Foreign Affairs to continue to uphold the policy to speak out for the eradication of colonization in the world.

He also called on head of missions serving in various countries abroad to intensify their efforts in negotiating economic cooperation agreement program and policies.

The Vanuatu Government has always maintained its efforts to help the people of West Papua.

Recently, Prime Minister Charlot Salwai, said Vanuatu’s position on West Papua, is unchanged.

He took the opportunity during the Vanuatu Heads of Missions abroad earlier this week, to reiterate Vanuatu’s stand on West Papua in his remarks on the country’s foreign policy.

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