Traditional Samoan Voyaging Canoe To Conduct Conservation Outreach

Conservation International, Disney Conservation Fund the Moana Conservation Outreach 

APIA, Samoa (Talamua, April 18, 2017) – The Samoana Folauga or Moana Conservation Outreach will officially be launched this week by Conservation International (CI), Samoa Voyaging Society, the Government of Samoa and partners.

Sponsored by Conservation International and the Disney Conservation Fund this will be the “first-of-its kind” collaboration that will bring [conservation] sustainable environmental and cultural stewardship education to Samoan coastal communities on the Gaualofa, Samoa’s traditional double-hulled voyaging canoe.

The project is a collaborative effort between CI, MNRE, MAF, Samoa Voyaging Society, Samoa Conservation Society, Youth Climate Action network, Samoa Hotel Association, Spacifix Marketing and the Center of Samoa Studies at the National University of Samoa.

Captain Fealofani Bruun, her crew, along with a team of local environmental and cultural educators will visit communities on the Gaualofa to host free outdoor screenings of Disney’s Moana accompanied with interactive training on basic coastal and marine management principles, Samoan traditional voyaging, and cultural heritage site appreciation and preservation.

“This is a very exciting project for all partners involved and for our local conservation efforts. We are collaborating in the true spirit of conservation and utilizing an iconic traditional platform, our very own voyaging Va’a, in which to communicate these stewardship messages with our communities,” said SVS President and Marine Program Director of CI’s Pacific Oceanscape program, Mr. Schannel van Djiken.

The Gaualofa will drop anchor in six locations where the crew and representatives from MAF, MNRE, NUS, Samoa Conservation Society and SVS will work with the communities on conservation efforts on the ground.

“We have brought together a very strong team of local conservation professionals from Government and NGOs, with varying backgrounds both in terrestrial and marine experience, and cultural heritage academics, so we have a very exciting programme planned,” said van Dijken.

The programme will be officially launched on Tuesday in Apia, followed by the sail to Satitoa, Aleipata.

For the next two weeks the Gaulofa will drop anchor at Poutasi, Manono, Salelologa, Fagamalo, Asau.

Interested members of the public can follow the journey or take part by visiting Conservation International Samoa and Samoa Voyagers Facebook pages.

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