Vanuatu Government Yet To Get Consent Of Landowners For Airport Improvements

World Bank funded project will not proceed without lessors OK

By Jonas Cullwick

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, April 19, 2017) – “The Lessors are encouraging the AVL, Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities and the Government of Vanuatu to refer back to their recent correspondences to understand that unless their consent is obtained under the two leases, such a project under the World Bank procurement guidelines cannot proceed.

“The Lessors support aviation development in Vanuatu for the future of generations to come,” the press release signed by Vavautalo Sope and McClory Nagole Kalsakau stated.

The registered Lessors of Bauerfield Airport are: Family Sope of Imere, represented by Vavautalo Sope; Family Kalsakau, represented by McClory Nagole Kalsakau; Jif Nunu Naperik Mala George Soalo; and Aloani Chichirua who is deceased and his family have not yet confirmed a probate over his estate and so he is being represented by his Naflak Teufi of Ifira.

The World Bank recently announced Chinese construction company CCECC as the winning bidder for the project to expand Bauerfield runway to enable the airport to accommodate larger Code E aircraft, allowing airlines to fly in passengers from further afield.

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