Vanuatu Tourism Office Launches PR Campaign In Australia

'Wake Up to Adventure, Wake Up to Happiness Wake Up to Freedom' in Vanuatu

Compiled by Glenda Willie

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, April 19, 2017) – The Vanuatu Tourism Office yesterday officially launched the “Wake Up in Vanuatu” campaign in Australia.

This major campaign for the tourism sector aims to entice more visitors to Vanuatu with lines such as:

“Tired of not waking up on an island?

“Only a few hours from Australia, Vanuatu’s islands are the perfect place to embark on your next holiday.

“From swimming in a natural blue hole to standing on the rim of a live volcano, Vanuatu offers a world of adventure and discovery. Unleash your inner-explorer and discover sights you never thought you’d see.

“Immerse yourself in the island’s rich and authentic culture.

“Make new friends and share laughter with locals who have regularly been voted some of the happiest people on the planet.

“Or simply come to unwind.

“Relax, let go and enjoy life in full swing. Embrace the freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want.”

This massive campaign targets the Australian market, particularly commuters in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

General Manager of the Vanuatu Tourism Office, Mrs. Adella Aru Issachar told Kizzy Kalsakau on Nightly News that this major campaign is valued at Vt25 million [US$225,000] and comes with three components; Wake Up to Adventure, Wake Up to Happiness and Wake Up to Freedom.

The Tourism Office and GTI in Australia are currently rolling out the campaign, putting up posters in buses and trains. The campaign is targeting at least 210 buses altogether, that is 135 buses in Sydney and another 75 buses in Brisbane.

VTO also posted video promo on their Facebook Page and website and they are working closely with wholesalers and travel agents and their main partner, Air Vanuatu, as they are negotiating to offer special traveling packages.

According to Mrs. Issachar, the international visitor survey has highlighted that 50%-52% of Vanuatu’s tourism market comes from the Australian Market.

“Thus, Australia is a major market for Vanuatu tourism.

“In order to increase the potential and the size of this market, we needed to further increase destination awareness of Vanuatu as the desired holiday destination.”

VTO is grateful to the Vanuatu Government for investing heavily on this campaign, boosting tourism development in the country and is hopeful that this campaign can continue next year.

Mrs. Issachar appealed, “If you want to experience adventure, if you want freedom, if you want happiness, come to a destination like Vanuatu.”

Speaking on behalf of Air Vanuatu, the newly appointed General Manager Commercial, Jeff Murdock said Air Vanuatu is delighted to work in partnership with VTO in this campaign.

“It is a great campaign. We look forward to seeing some great results.

“Air Vanuatu will be monitoring the incoming bookings significantly in the next six weeks to ensure it hits the mark, and we are confident it will.”

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