Solomon Islands Police 'Working Around The Clock' Investigating Double Murder

Post-mortem exam tries to identify weapon used; Officers try to crack security code to access CCTV footage 

By Teddy Kafo

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, April 20, 2017) – Police are working around the clock to unravel the mystery surrounding the death of Chinese couple whose bodies were discovered in their business premises, Monday.

Two days after the bodies were found in pools of blood, police are yet to establish a firm lead.

Yesterday, the bodies of the couple, who were Solomon Islands citizens, were brought to the National Referral Hospital for post mortem.

The bodies are being kept at a health facility at the RAMSI base at Henderson, east Honiara.

A Criminal Investigation Division (CID) investigator said the post mortem specifically examines the stab wounds on the couple’s bodies.

“We are trying to ascertain the type of weapon used to inflict the wounds,” the officer said.

After the examination, the bodies were returned to RAMSI base because the hospital morgue was full.

The officer also revealed they are working at retrieving the footage from the CCTV cameras installed at the building.

“Our officers along with the help from the Government’s ICT unit are trying to crack open the password-protected CCTV surveillance control system of the building.

“The building’s CCTV surveillance system is password-coded and only the deceased owners know the password.

“If the password is unlocked then we will review the raw footage recorded by the camera.

“This will greatly assist this investigation,” the officer said.

He added detectives are also gathering information and accounts from the neighboring buildings and residential houses within the Town Ground area.

CID officers have so far interviewed the shopkeepers and the security guards.

Honiara Police Commander Alfred Uiga earlier called on the public for support in the investigations.

“If you have any information about this killing, feel free to help us since this case is serious.

“We treat this as suspicious death.

“Seeing that there are two deaths, a motive must have been behind it,” Mr Uiga said.

He also warned Social Media users not to speculate or spread false information.

“I know this killing got many people speculating, which should not happen at this stage of the investigation.

“It is now a police matter so let the police deal with it,” Commander Uiga said.

The deceased couple, Jimmy Kwan and Joy Kwan are naturalized Solomon Islanders with Chinese origin.

Their two children, who are studying in Canada, are expected back in Honiara this week.

The business premises remained a police crime scene yesterday, guarded by Solomon Dependent Security Services.

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