Honiara City Council Mayor Supports Reestablishment Of Capital Punishment

Part of condemnation of barbaric killing of the Chinese couple, calls on government to impose tougher laws to deter further killings

By Teddy Kafo

HONIARA, Solomon Islands (Solomon Star, April 24, 2017) – Honiara City Council Mayor Andrew Mua says he is in full support on the call to resurrect capital punishment to people who commits brutal murder.

The City Mayor during yesterday’s tribute ceremony and condemnation of barbaric killing of the Chinese couple calls on government to impose tougher laws to deter further killings of the same nature in the near future.

“I condemn this recent barbaric killing of the couple and I truly support the debate to hang people who commit such heartless killing.

“I call on the government through its judicial arm to review it laws to bring tougher penalties to this kind of people,” City Mayor Mua said.

He continues;

“We cannot keep on going and allow merciless people to take out other people’s life prematurely.

“So policy makers must relook at bringing tougher laws to deter such barbaric killing in the near future,” Mayor Mua said.

The Honiara City Mayor adds that also sets time for us to reflect to past brutal killing in the past which our country has experienced.

“We come together with a common purpose which is to condemn what has happened over the Easter weekend in this building.

“And also to reflect on past barbaric killing of loving citizens of this Hapi Isles,” Mayor Mua added.

He then emphasized the more than 1000 attendants to be good and loyal citizens for the upbringing of the nation.

‘Today we stand at this place regardless of our culture or origin-we are one Hapi Isles of the Solomon Islands.

“We must uphold our Christian values at all times and remember that only God is the giver and taker of lives,” Mayor Mua said.

The solemn procession was staged yesterday with a protest parade from Art Gallery to Town Ground LGZ building where the couple were murdered.

It was attended by more than 1000 Honiara citizens, Chinese business houses, FSII members, churches, government organizations, private business organistions, family friends and the public.

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