Nauruans Facing Protest Charges To Hear Whether Court Will Force Officials To Appear

19 defendants have subpoenaed Justice Minister who claims immunity from testifying 

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, April 27, 2017) – Nineteen Nauruans charged over an anti-government protest in June 2015 should hear today whether the court will enforce subpoenas on key government officials.

The officials, who include the Justice Minister David Adeang, have claimed they have immunity, on security grounds, granted by the President, Baron Waqa.

The defendants, who include three former MPs, one of whom is a former Nauru president, have said their chances of a fair trial in Nauru are slim.

They say this is the reason they want the government officials to produce documentation or other evidence which they believe will show the extent of the government's immense and extraordinary interest in the case.

The defendants say because of intimidation and interference in the judiciary, they will be seeking a temporary stay on the trial.

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