Bougainville Government Lifts 40 Year Old Moratorium Against Mining, Exploration

President Momis says decision does not apply to controversial Panguna mine

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, May 2, 2017) – The Bougainville Government has lifted a more than 40 year old moratorium on mining and exploration.

The President in the autonomous Papua New Guinea region, John Momis, made the announcement, saying Bougainville is open for business and wants genuine investors to seek exploration licences.

The ABG's decision allows for applications in the areas of Tore, Isina and Jaba, places which have large ore deposits, and it does not include the controversial Panguna mine, which has been shut for nearly 30 years.

[PIR editor's note: On May 2, 2017 RNZI reported that 'A group of Bougainville land owners have presented a petition to the president of the autonomous Papua New Guinea region detailing their opposition to Bougainville Copper Ltd's application for a mining exploration licence. … The Bougainville Government is now the largest shareholder in BCL after the multi-national Rio Tinto walked away from its involvement and gave away its shareholding to the PNG and Bougainville governments. … PNG Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has said the PNG shares from Rio would go to Bougainville landowners. … But the chairman of Osikiang Philip Miriori said they would never accept BCL resuming mining at Panguna because of the damage the company had caused. … The group was not opposed to mining though and has established links with Australian-based mining conglomerate, RTG Mining, to form Central Me'ekamui Exploration Ltd. … Together they developed a proposal for what they say would be a 50 percent Bougainville-owned venture, emphasizing rehabilitation from the outset and aiming to be in full production by 2026.']

Since the development of Panguna the rest of Bougainville had been covered by a moratorium on exploration.

Mr Momis said, with that now lifted, he was looking forward to the development of long term economic partnerships to allow Bougainville to fulfil its economic potential.

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Their are rich deposits in Bougainville and if the RIGHT company gets to do the work then the companycan be happy and more importantly the people of Bougainville can be happy and go on to develop their island. Bougainvillians are intelligen and hard working people so please give them a chance to help develop their own country.

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