Vanuatu Releases Intensive Program To Ensure University Graduates Find Jobs

Public Service Commission to conduct 12-month coaching problem to help new graduates gain employment

By Anita Roberts

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, May 2, 2017) – A lot of graduates who left universities after completing studies are still left without a job, with only a few lucky to find employment quickly.

Over Vt600 million [US$5.4 million] is invested on scholarships every year.

The government continues to send students abroad for further studies giving them hope that there are jobs after graduation.

Yet today, there are so many graduates seeking jobs in the shrinking market.

But, the Public Service Commission (PSC) has announced it will be rolling out an intensive program designated to bring graduates directly into workforce after graduation, addressing unemployment rate among graduates.

Under this 12-month coaching program, PSC will be supporting graduates to find a job. Based on their (graduates) areas of interest, PSC will fill them into positions in all government departments and ministries.

Whether they gain a permanent status in the public sector, it hinges highly on how they perform, said the PSC Chairman, Martin Mahe.

“The program will market graduates to both the public and private sector.

“One of the reason employers may feel reluctant to recruit university graduates is that they lack experience.

“That is why some usually end up jobless.

“The program will help them adjust, gain experience before getting into full-time jobs.”

The government will firstly coach 80 to 100 graduates at the program’s induction.

Consultations will be held with relevant departments and ministries to find out what type of professions are available, PSC Chairman Mahe was explaining the program on his visit to the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET).

His visitation to MOET was part of a new approach of improving quality and efficiency of PSC.

The intensive program will address shortage of staffing as one of the concerns raised by the MOET and other visited government institutions,.

Different to the Teaching Service Commission, Police Service Commission and Judicial Commission that look after specific employees, PSC accommodates a diverse group with different qualifications.

Mahe said the program falls in line with the government’s role of investing in the human resource.

According to Mahe, the program have gain government support.

Both the Minister of Education and the Prime Minister have been briefed while the Department of Finance indicating it will be financing the program with Vt140 million [US$1.3 million].

The MOET has been applauded for producing the country’s elites.

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