Australian Billionaire Invests $67 Million To Develop Luxury Fiji Resort

Kokomo Island Fiji, off the coast of Kadavu, opened last month

By Repeka Nasiko

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, May 5, 2017) – Australian billionaire Lang Walker invested $140 million [US$67 million] into Kokomo Island Fiji, a luxurious resort off the coast of Kadavu that opened a month ago.

Mr Walker was recently inducted into the Property Council of Australia's Hall of Fame for his work in the property industry of Australia.

He is one of Australia's leading developers, owning industrial projects reportedly worth $25 billion [US$12 billion].

Kokomo Island Fiji sales and marketing representative and Inspired Luxury CEO Lynne Ireland said the developer spent $30m [US$14 million] on developing the private island alone.

"This was actually a passion project for Mr Walker," she said.

"He first came to Fiji to scuba dive, which is one of his great passions, and he adored the Kadavu waters and a friend suggested that he look at a nearby private island.

"He fell in love with the island and that's how he started with the project and he has been involved over the past six years.

"He originally anticipated that he would spend about $30m [US$14 million] in terms of development on the island, but he has so far spent $140m [US$67 million].

"With everything that he has done with development, it's strictly business. But with Kokomo Island Fiji it was total passion and with heart and something that he wanted to do for his family as well."

She said there were a number of dimensions to the island resort that could cater for a large market.

"We can host events like weddings, birthdays or corporate getaways but also have a more private setting for honeymooners and couples.

"And because Mr Walker is very big on family, we have a family-centred area as well."

She said the resort had only opened a month ago but the private island was already garnering local and international attention.

"There are so many layers to Kokomo and to Kadavu as well, especially with our nearby communities.

"We involve them a lot in our services and we train our local craftsmen and staff to ensure longevity and sustainability."

The exclusive resort was featured at the 2017 Fijian Tourism Expo.

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