Preliminary Electoral Rolls For New Caledonia Independence Referendum Released

France committed to conducting poll before November 2018

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, May 4, 2017) – The preliminary electoral rolls for next year's independence referendum in New Caledonia have been released.

Voting is restricted to long-term residents in line with provisions of the French constitution accommodating the 1998 Noumea Accord on greater autonomy.

The lists are on display at the town halls for prospective voters to inspect.

Those who have been omitted have until the end of next week to challenge it as the final roll is expected to be released at the end of the month.

The rolls have been vetted by commissions after a prolonged period of concern over their make-up.

No date has been set for the vote but the French state has said it is committed to holding it by November next year.

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Long live New Caledonia, Long live the new independent island country. New Caledonia is your new island home country before the Independence from France with many ethnic groups such as Europeans, Maoris, Blacks, and Many Races. New Laws, New Nation, New Republic and New Motto.

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