CNMI Casino Commission Could Revoke License Of Subcontractor

Gold Mantis accused of not complying with regulations

By Cherrie Anne E. Villahermosa

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, May 9, 2017) – Commonwealth Casino Commission Executive Director Edward Deleon Guerrero filed a petition to revoke the provisional license issued to Gold Mantis for its failure to comply with the commission’s regulations.

In an interview on Monday, Deleon Guerrero said he filed the petition with the Attorney General’s Office.

He said the commission has the authority to monitor the cash flow or movement of casino funds and make sure that taxes are properly assessed and collected.

They can also examine the suitability of the individuals working in the casino industry, and issue a license to a service provider such as a manufacturer of gaming equipment or gaming machines such as slot machines and tables, and to non-gaming vendors such as subcontractors.

Deleon Guerrero said Gold Mantis is a non-gaming vendor that needs to be licensed by the commission.

He said they issued Gold Mantis a provisional license to allow the subcontractor to do business in the CNMI.

The one-year provisional license allowed Gold Mantis to transact business with Saipan casino investor Imperial Pacific International provided that Gold Mantis submitted its application for a regular license within three months.

Deleon Guerrero said three months have already passed and the subcontractor has failed to submit an application for a regular license.

Deleon Guerrero said if its provisional license is revoked, Gold Mantis will be subject to monetary penalties, but he added that he is not at liberty to disclose the amount of the fines.

He said if Gold Mantis appeals the petition to revoke its license, the matter will fall under the jurisdiction of the casino commissioners who will decide whether the license will be revoked or not.

Ninety-two Gold Mantis construction workers from China, who said they arrived here on tourist visas, have staged protests over their unpaid wages. They say they have not been paid for a month and a half.

On Thursday, Gold Mantis said it was working with authorities to identify the employees who worked on the casino project to make sure that they receive the wages they are entitled to under the law.

Gold Mantis said it was also providing “humanitarian aid” to the workers.

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