Macron's Party In France Uncertain It Will Field Candidates In French Polynesia

En Marche candidate received 58% of the vote in Tahiti

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, May 9, 2017) – A representative for the new French President says it is not certain that his En Marche party will stand candidates in French Polynesia in next month's elections of a new French National Assembly.

Emmanuel Macron, who won 58 percent of the votes in Tahiti, plans to secure a parliamentary majority for his fledgling party in a bid to implement his five-year programme.

[PIR editor's note: On May 8, 2017 RNZI reported that 'In New Caledonia, more than 47 percent voted for the National Front's Marine Le Pen which was her best result outside mainland France. ... She won comfortably in Noumea but fared poorly in small Kanak communities. ... In Wallis and Futuna, she had her worst score outside France as close to 80 percent voted for Mr Macron.']

His election victory follows a collapse of support for the candidates of the traditionally dominant two parties, The Republicans and the Socialists.

Heimana Garbet, who represents Mr Macron in Papeete, has told Tahiti-infos that aspiring candidates will be vetted and chosen in Paris after which they can adapt the party programme to local conditions.

The choice will be made by a party commission which won't include Mr Macron.

Mr Garbet has expressed his gratitude to the French Polynesian parties which endorsed the Macron campaign in last weekend's run-off vote against the National Front's Marine Le Pen.

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