New Caledonia's Lifou Island Suffers 'Substantial Damage' From Cyclone Donna

About 100 homes damaged, trees toppled, power lines cut

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, May 11, 2017) – Cyclone Donna has caused substantial material damage on New Caledonia's Lifou island but there are no casualties.

Initial reports said about 100 homes were destroyed when the storm passed the island as a category three system in the early hours of Wednesday.

Most damage was caused on the island's northern side, leaving trees toppled and power lines cut.

Power is being restored but residents are advised to boil water.

Some schools were also damaged across Lifou and Ouvea where they will all remain closed for the rest of the week.

No figure has been put on the cost to repair the damage.

The president Philippe Germain is visiting Lifou today as assessments continue.

Donna was the second cyclone to strike New Caledonia within a month and the third in 15 years.

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