After Long-Delay, Vanuatu President Officially Appoints Commissioner Of Police

Nalpini's top priorities are 'unity and discipline'

PORT VILA, Vanuatu (Vanuatu Daily Post, May 12, 2017) – Unity and discipline are the top priorities for the new Commissioner of Police (ComPol), Albert Nalpini.

This was revealed after his official appointment by Head of State, President Baldwin Lonsdale at the State House in Port Vila at 9.15am yesterday.

In congratulating Commissioner Nalpini and prior to handing over his instrument of appointment, President Lonsdale made the following remarks, from his observations as Head of State.

“First, as you are well aware, there is division within the Vanuatu Police Force (VPF),” he said.

“We want to restore discipline and ensure it prevails in the Police Force and Vanuatu Mobile Force, as you take up your responsibilities under this new role.”

Secondly, the Head of State stressed the importance of restoring the confidence of the people in the VPF.

“Rebuild the confidence and trust that the people of Vanuatu have in the VPF,” he said.

“Restore discipline, trust and confidence in our Force.”

But the most important thing, said President Lonsdale, is uniting members of the VPF.

“Put aside the different feelings and opinions that create divisions in the VPF,” President Lonsdale told Commissioner Nalpini.

“Ensure the unity of the Force is strong at all times.

“Unite the police officers in work, under your leadership. I wish you all the best and a bright future.

“The Government, all of us will look to your leadership, for a Force that is united, solid, with a strong discipline and one the people have confidence in.

“There is no room for personal opinions in the Force, be wary of politics and ensure there is no politics in the VPF.

“Make sure your work is neutral at all times so we look at the safety of the people of Vanuatu.

“Uphold the rules of law, at all times in this nation.”

In response to President Lonsdale, the new Commissioner of Police said, “I thank you for your trust.

“I assure you that unity, as you mentioned will be a priority.

“Our Force was without a Commissioner for some time and this allowed different opinions to come in and create divisions.

“Security is a pillar in the building of any economy and we will strive to achieve this.”

Commissioner Nalpini was humbled by the trust placed on him to shoulder this enormous responsibility.

In his first interview with Vanuatu Nightly News’ Kizzy Kalsakau immediately after his appointment yesterday morning, he said: “I am humbled and honoured to be appointed as the Commissioner of Police.

“It is a honour and trust bestowed. He (Head of State) has entrusted me and I will never let that trust down”.

He stressed that discipline is one of his top priorities.

“Where there is no discipline, there is no control so this is one of the areas we will be tackling.

“As the Head of State rightly mentioned, the Force has been divided.

“It is my responsibility, my duty to ensure we have a Force that is united, disciplined and capable.”

The appointment was witnessed by Minister of Internal Affairs Alfred Maoh, Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Willie Vira, former acting Police Commissioner Robson Iavro and senior VPF officers.

President Lonsdale acknowledged Colonel Iavro for his leadership as acting ComPol, until the official appointment and handover of responsibilities yesterday.

Mr. Nalpini’s appointment comes after five different Acting ComPols over two years.

“The appointment process took a while,” said President Lonsdale. “The people have waited a long time for the appointment of the Commissioner of Police.”

Mr. Nalpini secured the top position in the VPF after he was selected from the three candidates that were shortlisted, out of the eight applicants- one woman and seven men in June 2016.

Despite the delay in the appointment, Commissioner Nalpini believes, Thursday May 11, 2017 was the day God chose for his appointment.

“Today (yesterday), is the appointed day,” he said.

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