Fiji NFP Leader Condemns Education Minister For Offering Quid Pro Quo To Schools

Dr Reddy allegedly caught on video saying if schools criticize government, after next election they will not help them

By Aqela Susu

SUVA, Fiji (Fiji Times, May 12, 2017) – National Federation Party leader Professor Biman Prasad has labelled comments by Education Minister Dr Mahendra Reddy during a talanoa session at an event in Ra as 'nonsense'.

In a recent visit to a school in the West, Dr Reddy was asked by a school manager for the construction of a mini hydropower plant to alleviate water problems faced by the school.

In his response caught on a video circulated on social media, Dr Reddy is heard suggesting if they are with them after next year's election, then they should not worry.

"After next year but you should not go on TV and say that this government is not doing anything, this government is not good," Dr Reddy is heard saying.

"If you are doing that, we are not going to look after you. So we will watch next year and after election if you are with us, don't worry, OK tamana. Vinaka."

Prof Prasad said these comments by Dr Reddy should be condemned in the strongest possible manner.

"He should not use his position as Minister for Education to collect school managers and officials of the school management and campaign for FijiFirst for the next election," Prof Prasad said.

"I would call upon him to stop this nonsense and concentrate on the real issues faced by the education system in the country today.

"They are also using State resources and facilities to engage in political campaigns. They must understand that they are using taxpayers' money to do that. That is not correct.

When approached for a comment at an event in Nausori yesterday, Dr Reddy walked away and refused to comment on the matter. Repeated attempts and emails to get him to comment on the matter yesterday were unsuccessful.

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