Former CNMI Public Safety Deputy Alleges Corruption At Department Under Previous Administration

Ogumoro alleges daughter of then Lt Governor misused federal funds for personal gain

By Bryan Manabat

SAIPAN, CNMI (Marianas Variety, May 12, 2017) – Former Department of Public Safety Deputy Commissioner Ambrosio Ogumoro has filed a formal complaint with CNMI Attorney General Edward Manibusan regarding “DPS corruption under the Fitial-Inos administration.”

Ogumoro named in his complaint former DPS Commissioner James Deleon Guerrero, former boating law administrator Kaye Inos and Melissa Bauleong of the Office of the Public Auditor.

Ogumoro accuses Kaye Inos of misusing federal funds for her personal gain.

He said the documentation supporting the allegations against Kaye Inos was forwarded to then-Attorney General Edward Buckingham, adding that he also planned to deliver the original documents to the Federal Bureau of Investigation “for the initiation of her arrest.”

But Ogumoro said then-Gov. Benigno Fitial “sweet talked” him and assured Ogumuro that he, Fitial, would handle it.

But Fitial never did, Ogumoro said.

He also alleges that although Kaye Inos resigned from DPS in July 2010, she was provided with an active DPS internet account by then-Sgt. James Deleon Guerrero.

Ogumoro said he discovered the account when he talked to an IT&E official regarding cost savings for the police department. He said he had it disconnected because she was no longer a DPS employee.

According to Ogumoro, James Deleon Guerrero and Kaye Inos also used CNMI government funding to go off-island for “junket conferences.”

He said the revenue and finance office has all the documentation that will prove his allegations.

As for former DPS Commissioner James Deleon Guerrero, Ogumoro alleges that as the CNMI Homeland Security and Emergency Management Chief, Deleon Guerrero illegally chartered a plane funded by Homeland Security for transporting beer to Rota for a political event.

Ogumoro said Deleon Guerrero was also investigated by OPA when he, Deleon Guerrero, was in charge of the DPS grants office and the Real ID program for misuse of funds.

Ogumoro said the Real ID program was audited by auditors from the states and they discovered several air-conditioners that were purchased but could not be located.

Ogumoro said he wondered why the OPA investigation was stopped.

He also alleges that Deleon Guerrero ordered the relocation of evidence without the acknowledgement of the AG’s office.

Ogumoro said as then-DPS commissioner, Deleon Guerrero requested the assistance of 13 inmates to move furniture and office equipment, but the inmates instead moved evidence from a DPS container to a DPS office space.

According to Ogumoro some inmates admitted to tampering with the evidence and stealing methamphetamine when police officers, for some reason, were not supervising them.

As for Bauleong, Ogumoro alleges that she was falsifying earned overtime hours when she was a police officer and that she was caught and confessed but was not arrested.

Ogumoro said the matter was brought to the attention of Deleon Guerrero who halted her criminal prosecution.

Ogumoro said he intends to expose the reasons behind the former commissioner’s “vendetta” against him, and the truth about his “hiring and firing” that eventually led to the feud between then-Gov. Benigno R. Fitial and then-Lt. Gov. Eloy Inos.

Ogumoro said he did not make a statement to the media regarding this matter on the advice of his legal counsel as it related to his jury trial on charges of theft by deception and misconduct in public office.

But now that the trial is over — he was found guilty of theft by deception and of misconduct in public office — he said it’s time for the CNMI community “to learn about the vendetta by the Inos administration and the former DPS commissioner against myself.”

Ogumoro will be sentenced on Sept. 12, 2017 at 1:30 p.m.

In his letter to the AG, he said: “I am coming forth with this letter as an official complaint about the illegal actions of our government officials and employees and request your office to take the proper legal action.”

He added, “I am exposing this because I cannot stand that they can manipulate the system and get away with it. A lot of officers (DPS) that have seen it are afraid to come forward because of their employment….”

He said he also forwarded a copy of the complaint to DPS Commissioner Robert Guerrero.

“There so much vindictiveness. I have to let it out and let the public know that I served 22 years honorably in the Marine Corps. I went and fought for our rights and freedom, and when I came home to give something back to our community, these people that are so corrupted, wanted to bring me down. They twisted what is right to make it wrong — that I cannot stand. I will fight, and I am not afraid to go to jail.”

Ogumoro told Variety that there are more things that he will reveal in time.

When asked about his relationship with former Governor Fitial, he said: “It’s a disgrace on his part because he did not come forward, not even with a phone call, not even with a penny to help me out with my attorney’s fees.”

He said there are three things that he wants to say about Fitial: “He is a hypocrite, a coward, and he has betrayed the whole Carolinian community and the CNMI.”

Variety was unable to get a comment from the individuals mentioned by Ogumoro in his complaint.

Last year, then-Judge David A. Wiseman sentenced Ogumoro to a year in jail for his role in shielding then-Attorney General Edward Buckingham from being served with penal summons in Aug. 2012.

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