Heavy Rain Causing 'Major Flooding' In American Samoa

Some families evacuated as water flowed through homes

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, May 12, 2017) – Heavy rain in American Samoa has caused major flooding in the territory.

The Emergency Operations Center reports that some families were evacuated after water flowed like rivers through their homes.

According to the Center, affected areas include Mapusasga, and Mesepa, Kokoland, Fagaima, Leone and Amanave.

Homeland Security sent out assessment teams last night to the affected families, some of whom have moved in with relatives and neighbours.

RNZI's correspondent said driving had been a nightmare along roads covered with water.

Monica Miller said that in some parts, rocks washed down from the mountainside were invisible to drivers.

Furthremore, new hazardous potholes were emerging in places which did not have them before.

The Meteorologist in charge at the National Weather Service, Hans Malala, said the floodwaters came up to the window of his car as he was trying make his way to work last night.

He said an active trough that is stationary over the Samoan islands was responsible for the incessant rain.

The national Weather Service said a flash flood watch would remain through to tomorrow, while a small craft and a high surf advisory was still active.

It also advised that parents should keep their children away from flooded areas or near streams that were overflowing.

Motorists should be alert when driving as the ground is saturated and the possibility of landslides is heightened.

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