FSM Vice President Discusses Vocational Training, Apprentice Opportunities With Guam Labor Department

George also meets with FSM students attending University of Guam 

POHNPEI, Federated States of Micronesia (Kaselehlie Press, May 20, 2017) – While transiting in Guam from his working visit to Japan, the Honorable Yosiwo P. George, Vice President of the FSM, had the opportunity to meet with Mrs. Sam Mabini, Ph.D., from the Guam Department of Labor to discuss vocational training and opportunities for our citizens through the apprentice programs at the Guam American Job Center, the Trade Academy, Apprentices Program offered by the Guam Community College.

According to Mabini, there was grant award funding the labor department received in the amount of $2.2M for the Reemployment and System Integration National Dislocated Worker Grant. Currently, the grant has been used for system integration through “HireGuam” at www.hireguam to centralize availability of jobs and a pool of technical skilled workers as a one stop source to link education and training to public and private partners.

Mrs. Mabini is interested in working with the FSM to be part of this partnership. She plans to brief Freely Associated State leaders during the Micronesia Island Forum (MIF) in May, which is scheduled to be held in Guam.

Vice President George also attended a dinner hosted by former Guam Governor Joseph Ada at the Guam Reef Hotel. The purpose of the meeting was not only to advance the friendly relationship they have since 1963 but also opportunity not only to look back in history and reflect on memories and events but also an opportunity to further discuss how Guam and FSM can strengthen cooperation in technical training and education and enhancing human resources to fill the current gap of foreign workers in Guam.

Former Governor Ada shared with Vice President George a photo of their baseball team while attending the College of Guam from 1963 to 1964 and a yearbook with photos of their classmates.

While in Guam, Vice President George had the opportunity to meet with FSM students attending the University of Guam (UOG) to discuss educational issues such Pell Grant, work-study issue under the current Compact of Free Association, and scholarship available in the FSM.

During this meeting students also raised the dual citizenship issue and increase of tuition fees at the UOG. All these of these issues were noted and shared with the FSM Department of Education.

Vice President George was accompanied by Special Assistant to Vice President Mr. Herman Semes Jr., and FSM Consulate Office Foreign Service Officer, Mr. Johnny Silbanuz.

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These are the kind of benefits the FSM leadership should be looking out for in and out of FSM youths in the FSM states and in Guam. Opportunities that will get them back into school or the job market. I strongly recommend that all FSM funds to be invested in this area.

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