Illegal Forces Allegedly Try To Obtain PNG Police Unforms, Weapons

Unauthorized police apparently being formed to support election candidates

By Michael Arnold

PORT MORESBY, Papua New Guinea (PNG Post-Courier, May 23, 2017) – While Police Commissioner Gari Baki is busy engaging armed US experts to train police officers, a police sergeant in Port Moresby has been arrested for engaging officers’ sons in an illegal police force.

The police internal affairs directorate said yesterday that Sgt Jimmy Maiko of Gordon police station in Moresby Northeast was arrested last Wednesday and charged with raising an unauthorised force.

In other developments elsewhere:

  • Eastern Highlands police have impounded police and military issued firearms, ammunition and uniforms bound for Kagua-Erava last Thursday during a routine roadblock at Kainantu; and
  • Lae police have recovered a shotgun stolen from Nadzab police during an armed robbery last year.

In Port Moresby, the internal affairs directorate said it found that Sgt Maiko had unlawfully recruited 17 civilians, believed to be children of policemen, then managed to acquire police uniforms and were deployed by them to perform various police duties in the Gordon area.

“If the Police Commissioner has not signed a gazettal, there is no conferring of power, therefore you can’t wear a police uniform.

“For any person to go ahead and do that would be unlawful. You can’t allow civilians to wear police uniforms and perform police functions, these require training.

“If you put civilians in police uniforms, abuse of police powers is inevitable,” internal affairs director Chief Superintendent Robert Ali said.

He said three of the 17 “recruits” who had been unlawfully recruited by Sgt Maiko have already been arrested and will face charges of being in possession of police uniforms and impersonating officers of the law.

“Much of what is happening is being facilitated by us, some senior officers, for example the incident at Gordon was happening right under the police station commander’s nose; he was aware of it and was encouraging it.

“His (Sgt Maiko) intentions may have been good to provide overall policing at Gordon, but the execution to achieve that intention was not in line with established practices and protocols,” Chief Supt Ali said.

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